Gorgeous March Lilies

These beautiful lilies are flowering in all their glory in gardens at the moment

Beautiful Nurragingy Reserve

We had a day out in this beautiful reserve and we saw so much natural beauty as well as the Chinese garden

Water Dragon Sunning Himself

The Australian Water Dragon are fascinating and are really a large lizard, they are normally found near or close to a waterway. They feed on a variety of foods, when…

Dusky Moorhen And Chick

Dusky Moorhen and chick swimming in tandem, chick was waiting for Mom to bring the food.

Autumn in the Park

It is autumn in Breenhold Gardens and the colours are magnificent

Mother’s Day Cruise

Lemon and Lime tart for dessert on the Mother's Day cruise

Pink Rose in the park

The perfect pink rose in the Woolongong Botanic Gardens, such a beautiful place to visit and so much to see

The Unusual Flannel Flower

The flannel flower (Actinotus helianthi) is so named because of the soft woolly feel of the plant. An unusual feature of the flowers is their ‘flannel’ texture. The petals are actually…

Leopard in the wild

This was such a beautiful specimen at the height of good health and magnificence. We came across him stretched out on a log, in the sunshine, in the Kruger National…

The Cat At The gate

I love how the colour of the cat matched the rust in the gate, I also wonder who the cat was waiting for?