Australian Pelican

These pelicans were patiently waiting outside the Sydney Fish Market to see if they could glean some tasty treats

Australian pelicans are one of the largest flying birds. They feature a wingspan of 2.3 to 2.5 m and can weigh from 4 to 6.8 kg. They have the longest bill length of any extant bird ranging from 36 to cm. The average bill length of males is between 42 and 46 cm and in females from 36 to 41 cm.

Their distinctive large pink bill and black wings make them a striking looking bird

The gular pouch, under the bill, will stretch when it is filled with water and can hold up to three gallons.

Magnificent Magnolias Are In Full Bloom

All around our neighbourhood the Magnolias are flowering bright and proud in beautiful hues of pink and white.

B​ecause of the Magnolias' ​sweet, creamy and light floral scent, ​the magnolia has been used in perfumery for centuries. It was named after French botanist Pierre Magnol. 

Considered a classic floral fragrance, the scent of magnolia ​has notes ​o​f a sweet floral punch like a rose, but with a citrusy lemon edge and a slightly earthy, musk undertone.

Beautiful Planter Boxes Down On The Wharf

We thought this was such a great idea to bring a bit of nature into the concrete jungle. Beautiful artistry.

Neighbourhood Wall, So Cute

Saw this neighbourhood wall that was painted with this cute dog and red poppies all along the front wall. How enchanting!

Kookaburra sits in the old oak tree

We saw this handsome fellow sitting in the tree above us, eyeing our picnic lunch and waiting for some scraps.

Spidey busy spinning a web, knit one purl one

It was absolutely fascinating watching this Orb Weaver spinning its web.

Gorgeous March Lilies

These beautiful lilies are flowering in all their glory in gardens at the moment.

Water Dragon Sunning Himself

Dragon The Australian Water Dragon are fascinating and are really a large lizard, they are normally found near or close to a waterway. They feed on a variety of foods, when they are young they tend to feed on spiders, insects and caterpillars and when older this could include small reptiles and even rodents.

Dusky Moorhen And Chick

Mhen and Chick Dusky Moorhen and chick swimming in tandem, chick was waiting for Mom to bring the food.

Autumn in the Park

Autumn It is autumn in Breenhold Gardens and the colours are magnificent