A Reminder That After Winter Comes Spring

Postberg spring flowers last year.

A Great Weekend Breakfast

An egg, gruyere (or cheese of your choice)and Pancetta breakfast bread. Enough to get you running to the kitchen to make this tasty treat, in fact, why only for breakfast,…

Cormorant Playing Pick Up Sticks

Saw this White-breasted Cormorant diving with this stick then throwing it in the air catching it and diving with it again for about ten minutes. I really love the intense…

The Bumblebee and the Sea Rose

Captured this Bumblebee looking for something sweet.

Malachite Kingfishers getting aggressive with each other

Two Malachite Kingfishers were getting really aggressive with each other, showing off their aggressive poses. Captured this one in his threatening pose, a beautiful bird threatening or not.

Wild Geranium

Love the delicate pink colour of this wild flower found in the Western Cape.

Oh Yum!

This is so yummy, can hardly wait to sink my teeth into it.

Abstract pic of the day – 9th April 2013

An abstract pic with colours, light and texture.

My pic of the day – 2nd April 2013

A Southern Double-collared Sunbird