Mother’s Day Cruise

Lemon and Lime tart for dessert on the Mother's Day cruise

Cannot wait for some Hibachi weather

So waiting for a break in the rain so we can have a Hibachi grill with some Lamb Chops and marinated Chicken breasts on the bone, together with sides of…

Carriageworks Farmers Market

We visited the Carriageworks Market for the very first time, it was excellent with fresh farm fare like honey still on the comb, fresh vegetables, and many more it was…

Scotch Bonnet Chillies

Scotch Bonnet chillies looking great soon to be added to some spicy food. Scotch Bonnet chillies have a heat rating of 80,000–400,000 on the Scoville Scale that means crazy hot!

Day 322 Wine By The Glass

Nothing like a bright spring day and a good glass of wine

Day 304 Fresh Pecans

Fantastic fresh pecan nuts, Yum!

Day 290 Suurings

These Suurings have been used in cooking in the Cape by the local people for decades. The stems and flowers are sour and they were used instead of lemons in…

Day 179 Think I Missed The Sea Buss

Had a quiet chuckle at the signage on the fish counter :)

Day 174 Homemade Acid Drops

Homemade Acid Drops, sourishly delicious.

Day 171 Flavoured Vinegars

Local flavours coming into their own with Fynbos vinegar along with other flavourings like Green Tea. South Africa has so many unique plants and it is great to see them…