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Day 160 Great Limited Edition Stocking Filler

I know it is just June and a long way till Christmas but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of great gifts for those Christmas stockings. This Colman’s Mustard gift set at just R89.99 for a jar of mustard a limited edition porcelain mustard holder and spoon, good value and great stocking filler.


Day 158 Homemade Orange Cordial

Bought some Cara Cara or Blood Oranges the other day and they were so sweet and refreshing that I thought I would make them last a little longer by making some Orange Cordial, delicious and well worth the effort.


Day 157 Pyrexware Celebrates 100 Years

Pyrexware is celebrating 100 years of oven proof Pyrex glassware and have brought out a beautiful new colour. I grew up with Pyrex dishes and jugs in our home and continued using it all my life, I still have some dishes and Jugs that have survived the years.