• 18 April 2021
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Beautiful Juvenile Klipspringer

The Klipspringer (rock jumper) is a small rock-climbing antelope. We saw this juvenile in the Kruger National Park, such a little beauty

  • 11 April 2021
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River Cottage on the Hawkesbury

This river cottage on the Hawkesbury River in NSW is a dream place to go and live one day. It looks so peaceful and natural, a little out of the…

  • 26 March 2021
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Cannot wait for some Hibachi weather

So waiting for a break in the rain so we can have a Hibachi grill with some Lamb Chops and marinated Chicken breasts on the bone, together with sides of…

  • 23 March 2021
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Brush Turkey in a Tree

This poor Brush Turkey was terrorised by a dog and chased up a tree, the owner of the dog kept asking the dog to leave it but the owner never…

  • 7 March 2021
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Kangaroo Joey Drinking From Mother’s Pouch

We Visited Cattai National Park and sighted Kangaroos for the first time. What a lovely morning we spent, seeing them in their natural environment going about their daily routine. Here…

  • 28 February 2021
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Carriageworks Farmers Market

We visited the Carriageworks Market for the very first time, it was excellent with fresh farm fare like honey still on the comb, fresh vegetables, and many more it was…

  • 21 February 2021
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Grey Crowned Crane

The Grey Crowned Crane is a near-threatened species with only some 4000 to 5000 birds left in the country. Many rural people believe that these cranes can bring rain, so…

  • 16 February 2021
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The Red Bishop in His Best Suit

The Red Bishop puts on his best and most colourful suit when he goes a-courting, he looks for the highest perch he can find so that he can flash these…

  • 24 January 2021
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Vaucluse House

Vaucluse House is one of Sydney’s few 19th-century mansions still surrounded by its original gardens and wooded grounds. Colonial emancipist William Charles Wentworth bought the house in 1827, and over…

  • 24 January 2021
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Fabulous Sandstone carving at The Rocks in Sydney

The "First Impressions" sandstone carvings have three sides each representing a particular group of people that helped to establish early Sydney, this side represents the settlers. The piece was designed…