Day 308 Chameleon And The Ladybird

This Cape Dwarf Chameleon seemed so skinny and I wondered why he didn't try to eat the ladybirds that were flying around him, he seemed to rather have an inspection…

Day 305 Chameleon On The Hunt

This Cape Dwarf Chameleon was looking extremely hungry and was moving swiftly through the bush hunting for food.

Day 238 Baby Chameleon

Found this little baby chameleon at Intaka Island

Day 70 Colourful Chameleon

The colourful Cape Dwarf Chameleon discovered at Rietvlei Nature Reserve. He had climbed to the top of a stick to sun himself.

Day 54 Namaqua Chameleon

This is quite a large chameleon found in the Namibia to Angola desert regions. It can run very fast and lives on beetles,insects,scorpions and will even eat smaller chameleons. They…

Day 31 Battle Of The Smallest Creatures

We came across this female boomslang attacking a chameleon. The chameleon put up such a valiant fight and at one stage actually bit the boomslang on the head. The chameleon…