Day 301 The Giant Kingfisher

KNP Giant KF 2 The Giant Kingfisher has to be the King of the Kingfishers, with his strong beak he is able to catch and crack open crabs.

Day 298 Juvenile Malachite Kingfisher

Juv mal KF 7 The beauty of these tiny little birds is quite astounding

Day 287 Pied Kingfisher Fishing

Pied fish down the hatch This Pied Kingfisher had a lucky day fishing. A couple of slaps on the branch and then down the hatch.

Day 143 The Dive Of The Pied Kingfisher

R pied dive The Pied Kingfisher flies up really high, hovers whilst scouting for fish and then dives straight into the water. I think it is amazing that they don't get injured in the dive.

Day 115 A Little Friend

Malachite greet Went for a walk in the Rietvlei Nature Reserve and was welcomed by this little friend, a Malachite Kingfisher.

Malachite Kingfishers getting aggressive with each other

Two Malachite Kingfishers were getting really aggressive with each other, showing off their aggressive poses. Captured this one in his threatening pose, a beautiful bird threatening or not.