Beautiful Juvenile Klipspringer

The Klipspringer (rock jumper) is a small rock-climbing antelope. We saw this juvenile in the Kruger National Park, such a little beauty

Sunset in the Kruger National Park

A beautiful sunset at the Kruger National Park. Such a beautiful place, need to go back again.

Day 116 Little Male Impala Growing Horns

I just love the little horns just peeking through on this little male Impala.

Day 114 Pretty Yellow Butterflies

These pretty yellow butterflies were drinking from the damp sand in the Kruger National Park.

Day 110 Lazy Lionesses

We came across these lionesses lazing in the sandy river bed, they had eaten their fill the night before and were now sleeping off their full bellies. Such magnificent creatures.

Day 62 A Little Bushbuck

Bushbuck, so shy and ever so pretty.

Day 42 Natural Beauty

This photo shows the beauty of the trees and the huge sky that can be seen every day in the Kruger National Park. The scenery is superb.

Day 41 What Would A Visit Be Without A Giraffe

What would a visit to the Kruger National Park be if you couldn't see a Giraffe, with those long legs and even longer neck and that beautifully marked orange coat?…

Day 40 Wild Flowers That Look Like Zinnias

These sticking orange wildflowers can be seen all along the road side growing in profusion. I don't know what they are but they resemble the common garden flower the Zinnia.

Day 39 Yellow-billed Stork At The Sunset Dam

The dam had quite a few of these Yellow-billed Storks visiting. So tall and stately and quite beautiful with their pink feathers, yellow beak and red face. On a later…