Gorgeous March Lilies

These beautiful lilies are flowering in all their glory in gardens at the moment.

Day 272 Fireball Lily

fireball lily The stunning Fireball lily also known as the Katherine-wheel lily

Day 271 Arum Lily

White Arum Lily Zantedeschia aethiopica Varklelie The white Arum Lilies are everywhere, hoping to find the Arum Lily frog in one of them

Day 205 Pink Waterlily

Pink waterlily Beautiful pink waterlily

Day 147 A Gorgeous River Lily

Moore's River Lily Crinium moorei Saw this gorgeous Moore's River Lily at Kirstenbosch. Stunningly beautiful.

Day 109 Cobra Lily

Chasmanth Cob Lily The Cobra Lily or Chasmanthe Floribunda is one of the Cape's indigenous flowers, always so stunning especially in a group.

Day 88 Impala Lilies

IMG_2635 The Impala Lily has to be one of the most spectacular flowers of the highveld.