Spidey busy spinning a web, knit one purl one

It was absolutely fascinating watching this Orb Weaver spinning its web.

Sunset in the Kruger National Park

A beautiful sunset at the Kruger National Park. Such a beautiful place, need to go back again.

Seagull Scaring a Moorhen

This was such a funny scene, the Moorhen was just minding its own business when this Seagull managed to give it such a fright.

Tigertail Dragonfly

This Common Tigertail Dragonfly has such striking markings and didn't look common to me at all.

Franklin’s Gull An Unusual Visitor

This Franklin's Gull is a a vagrant, visitor to our shores from the breeding grounds in the Central North American prairies. We managed to catch up with him on his…

Day 346 Broom Cluster Fig

Fruit of the Broom Cluster wild fig tree, loved by bats, birds and animals.

Day 333 Hawk Moth

Hawk Moth drinking nectar while still flying

Day 330 What’s In A Name

What a name for a plant. Hopefully the plant doesn't smell as bad as the name sounds :)

Day 326 Citrus Butterfly

Found this beauty at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Day 325 Painted Lady

The Painted Lady butterfly is one of our common butterflies.