Autumn in the Park

It is autumn in Breenhold Gardens and the colours are magnificent

Flame Tree

The Flame Tree also is also known as the Flame of the forest, is a beautiful tree with the fernlike green leaves and the masses of gorgeous scarlet flowers

Day 268 Coral Tree

Coral tree setting Kirstenbosch alight

Day 197 Birds Love These Red Berries

The birds were going crazy eating these luscious red berries.

Day 194 Coral Tree Standing Out

This Coral Tree looks so striking in the gardens.

Day 94 Baobab Tree

The Baobab Tree is one of the giants of African trees that have many uses from the fruit to the bark. The size of the tree gives me the feeling…

Day 46 Wild Peach Seed Pods

I couln't resist taking a picture of these seed pods, the textures, patterns and colour are so interesting and pretty. I haven't been able to identify the tree that these…

Day 42 Natural Beauty

This photo shows the beauty of the trees and the huge sky that can be seen every day in the Kruger National Park. The scenery is superb.