Australian Pelican

These pelicans were patiently waiting outside the Sydney Fish Market to see if they could glean some tasty treats

Australian pelicans are one of the largest flying birds. They feature a wingspan of 2.3 to 2.5 m and can weigh from 4 to 6.8 kg. They have the longest bill length of any extant bird ranging from 36 to cm. The average bill length of males is between 42 and 46 cm and in females from 36 to 41 cm.

Their distinctive large pink bill and black wings make them a striking looking bird

The gular pouch, under the bill, will stretch when it is filled with water and can hold up to three gallons.

Leopard in the wild

leopard log 1 This was such a beautiful specimen at the height of good health and magnificence. We came across him stretched out on a log, in the sunshine, in the Kruger National Park.

Lazy Leopard

leopard yawn It was so wonderful to watch this lazy leopard, sharpening his claws and yawning as he lazed on this log.

Seagull Scaring a Moorhen

gullhen This was such a funny scene, the Moorhen was just minding its own business when this Seagull managed to give it such a fright.

World Giraffe Day

KNP Giraffe portrait We celebrate these beautiful long necked beauties.

Masked Lapwing

Masked Lapwing These birds look so strange with their bright yellow masks.

Duck With An Attitude

Loud duck This crazy Pacific Black Duck just wanted to be king of the pond and he was warning everyone, loud and clear, to keep away. What a big mouth :)

Red-Capped Lark

Red-capped Lark A handsome Red-capped Lark that we came across in the agricultural lands.

So Hot That Pelicans Are Drinking In Flight

Peli drinking It has been so hot that the Pelicans were dipping into the water for a drink while they were in flight.

Day 364 Big Foot

KNP Jacana The Jacana really has enormous feet for its size